Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is not a post about crafts or fashion. This is a post about mine and my mother’s adventure into the city to see Cirque du Soleil, “Zarkana”. My mom is not exactly the adventurous type but I give her credit because she loves trying new things. She was enthralled when I got her Cirque tickets and naturally we counted down the days until our big city cirque day like 5 year olds. Nancy (pants) wanted to drive into the city for the show. I refused. If I have to sit in Lincoln tunnel traffic on e more time I’ll explode.
“Let’s take the train” I suggested.
“Ugh..the train?” she grossly added.
My dad wasn’t much of a big help either
“You’re going to take the train on a Saturday night with all those drunken people and, ew, gross.”
We took the train.

On the train all the seats faced backwards in the car we were in. Figures. My mom and I are wimps when it comes to motion sickness. She cant even go on a float in the pool. We ride for about 10 minutes and we see people get up from the facing forward handicap seats. As soon as they get up my mom, Nancy, basically runs to the facing forward seats. As she gets there, a Hispanic woman also gets there and I’m sure this is not accurate to what really happened but I could have sworn my mom threw bows(elbows). Then when she said down she said “opps! Sorry!” in her adorable mom voice. I sat down and told her one day she is going to get her ass kicked.

We got to Penn Station and took a cab to a delicious Italian restaurant near Radio City Called Abbocato (thank you Ashley Peter). Dinner was great! We head over to Radio City for the show. We go downstairs to use the rest room. As we come out they have the cast of the show walking around taking pictures with people and what not. For those of you who have never seen one of these enchanting shows…the characters act like circus freaks. Like weird gismos or the monsters from Little Monsters. They are freaks…or act like freaks. They are constantly in character. We approach one of the characters (above) who is dressed like a dead little girl holding a teddy bear. Nancy asks her if we can take her picture. The alien girl circus freak looks at her and doesn’t respond so Nancy just stands next to her anyway. Because my mom felt so awkward she then feels the need to tell the alien she looks like Tory Spelling. I snap the picture as fast as I can because the awkwardness is even too much for me, Queen of all awkward moments. As I approach my mom to grab her and run away I hear her asking the alien if the teddy bear was her baby. This is the only thing the alien circus freak responds to and she smiles and hugs the teddy bear. Oy.

The show was fantastic…seriously. If you haven’t seen a show...go! We cut out about a minute early to catch a cab back to Penn. Once we get a cab there is so much traffic that we are at a stand still for literally 20 minutes. At that point we hop out and grab a subway (thank god for hopstop). After two very very crowded subway rides and running to NJTRANSIT we arrive with a few minutes to spare. We get on the train which is also packed AND full of drunken people…this is where my dad’s words of wisdom come in to play…“You’re going to take the train on a Saturday night with all those drunken people and, ew, gross.”

The train ride was fine besides a couple of Snookie and Situation wannabes in front of us. They were drinking, probably 12 years old, and kept looking at pictures of themselves saying how hot they looked. Barf. The Red Bank stop came 80 minutes later and we rush up to the door waiting for it to open…waiting for freedom. A drunken 18 year old blonde girl is standing in front of my mom. She burps. LOUD. I put my face into my moms back to hold in the laughter. I’m surprised my mom held in the laugh too. Then the drunken girl looks around with an evil eyes and goes, “pshh, huff”. Its hard to describe this but imagine it as this girl didn’t realized she burped and then thought, “Whatever I don’t care”. No one laughed…everyone held it in. And then the drunk girl continued with a “ha ha ha”. This “ha ha ha” is what someone says when they know they’re being made fun of. My mom turns to me and says, “Yelp! There are a lot of drunken people of this train!”. “Yeah we are!”-Drunk girl.
The doors open, thank God because this is another moment where I thought my mom was going to get her ass kicked. As the girl sped walked out she flew up her middle finger in the air while walking and waved in back and forth violently and she was pulling down her skirt that was riding up her ass. It was hilarious and a great mom daughter mini adventure. My mom and I drove the whole way home laughing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Before & After

OY! That took me alot longer than I would have liked to. DISCLAIMER: I have just downloaded a program called Picasa/Picnik to edit photos and I suck at it! Be patient with me...they will get prettier : )

So this is a before and after post. I bought this dress for $10 at a thrift store in Minneapolis. Midwest thrifting is amazing by the way. The Good Wills and Salvation Army's aren't picked over like they are here. I got tons of great stuff while I was in the mid west!

I really loved the stripes and colors of this dress and thought I could do something with it. A few months ago hemmed the bottom and sleeves...still wasn't enough for me. So today I decided to play with the neck line and wallah! One of my favorite dresses.

STEP 1: Measure shoulders and neck dip. I took each shoulder in about an a inch and a half and dipped he neck about 4 inches.
STEP 2: After I made marks I connected them with erasable marker. The marks that are left over will wash away.
STEP 3: Do the same to the back. I dropped the back about 7 inches because Im in a low back phase.
STEP 4: Cut over wear I traced. It's important to use fabric scissors and ONLY to use these scissors on fabric. They dull super fast if used on anything else.
STEP 5: I am currently obsessing over Bias Tape. Instead of folding the hem your self and dealing with tapering etc. Bias tape basically does it for you a neater. If you want more info on this just email me.
STEP 6: Sew it right on there!

All in all this only took about an hour. It was done inbetween visiting Charley(Sam's adorable baby) and family dinner. Ahhh Sundays....

Monday, June 20, 2011


Circle scarf, Snood, Infinity scarf, whatever. These are super comfy and cute. I am making them now because I miss the cold weather already. Im not a summer girl. I get hot and mean very quickly and my hair fros even quicker...ask anyone. Im also trying to stock up on these now in hopes that I get a table at Granny's Attic. Granny's attic is a big craft show in my home town during Christmas time. I applied super late so I doubt I'll even get a table but my fingers are crossed! This scarf was made with about 3 skeins of yarn. Each skein was about $6 so Im thinking of selling them for about $38.
I also just bought a butt load of fabric but my best best friend is in town for a few days so I might now get a chance to sew this week. We will see!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Polka Shmolka

It is 8:40pm and I have been nannying since noon and will be here till midnight. In this time I have managed to drop off dry cleaning, pick up and eat sushi, watch Eat Love Pray, go bowling with the kids, run to Jo Ann's for more supply and make this dress. Impressed? I dragged Amelia and Dev with me through all this...how you may ask? I bribe them with candy. I told them if they are good the whole day we can get candy. And it worked!
Polka dots can be pretty risky and also pretty adorable. But when I was in the fabric store and saw these burnt colors I feel in love. This also dips in the back. In a few days I'll have some nicer photos of them. I am lucky enough to have a few friends who are good with the camera. They will also be bribed. Probably with beer though.

French Love

I read a blog called The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman has been taking photos of people on the streets for a number of years now. Its interesting because it's real people. He mostly shoots in New York, France or Italy. He is also intrigued by vintage fashion and photos as am I. His blog is definitely one to book mark if you haven't already. This is a photo of his French grandparents on their second date in the 50's. Check out this blog! Oh...and congrats to my friend Samantha on her beautiful new baby Charley.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


FINALLY I finished this dress. The one I made yesterday was too tight in the hip area. I hope it doesn't go to waste. I called out of babysitting today just so that I could run to Jo Ann Fabrics and snag some more of this fish fabric. I bought double this time just in case! I worked on this from 3pm till 10 minutes ago(10:40), with a little break for food in between. I almost cried when I finished it!
I am obsessed with vintage fashion and I did my best to embody it in this piece. It is dirndl style with a dipped neck and a V back. I LOVE a V back. Cant wait to wear it!
Ps. Pictures are terrible..I know. I'm going to have to either invest in a good camera or start dating a photographer : )

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Blog!

I am quite new to blogging and quite excited! I do not consider myself good with words however I wanted an outlet to share my crafts that isn't face book. I plan to share my creations, how tos, and aesthetically pleasing images that hopefully readers will enjoy and much as I do!
Here is my latest dress(back of it). One of my many ex-boyfriends gave me the greatest gift I have ever gotten in my life...a sewing machine. Shortly after I took a course on how to use it. During my first class I had anxiety about threading the machine(took my fifteen minutes), and these days it takes about 2 seconds! I am addicted to many things but this is my very most favorite. The sound of the needle alone calms my nerves entirely. It is both therapeutic and exciting and perhaps one day I will make money at doing what I love the most! Sigh...a girl can dream.