Wednesday, June 15, 2011


FINALLY I finished this dress. The one I made yesterday was too tight in the hip area. I hope it doesn't go to waste. I called out of babysitting today just so that I could run to Jo Ann Fabrics and snag some more of this fish fabric. I bought double this time just in case! I worked on this from 3pm till 10 minutes ago(10:40), with a little break for food in between. I almost cried when I finished it!
I am obsessed with vintage fashion and I did my best to embody it in this piece. It is dirndl style with a dipped neck and a V back. I LOVE a V back. Cant wait to wear it!
Ps. Pictures are terrible..I know. I'm going to have to either invest in a good camera or start dating a photographer : )

1 comment:

  1. How small in the hips??? I LOVE the dress and am tiny in the hips. Also, if I come to NJ, can you take my measurements and make me clothes? :) I promise to plug your stuff all around Denver!