Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Blog!

I am quite new to blogging and quite excited! I do not consider myself good with words however I wanted an outlet to share my crafts that isn't face book. I plan to share my creations, how tos, and aesthetically pleasing images that hopefully readers will enjoy and much as I do!
Here is my latest dress(back of it). One of my many ex-boyfriends gave me the greatest gift I have ever gotten in my life...a sewing machine. Shortly after I took a course on how to use it. During my first class I had anxiety about threading the machine(took my fifteen minutes), and these days it takes about 2 seconds! I am addicted to many things but this is my very most favorite. The sound of the needle alone calms my nerves entirely. It is both therapeutic and exciting and perhaps one day I will make money at doing what I love the most! Sigh...a girl can dream.

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