Monday, June 20, 2011


Circle scarf, Snood, Infinity scarf, whatever. These are super comfy and cute. I am making them now because I miss the cold weather already. Im not a summer girl. I get hot and mean very quickly and my hair fros even quicker...ask anyone. Im also trying to stock up on these now in hopes that I get a table at Granny's Attic. Granny's attic is a big craft show in my home town during Christmas time. I applied super late so I doubt I'll even get a table but my fingers are crossed! This scarf was made with about 3 skeins of yarn. Each skein was about $6 so Im thinking of selling them for about $38.
I also just bought a butt load of fabric but my best best friend is in town for a few days so I might now get a chance to sew this week. We will see!

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