Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jumping for Fun

What is the appeal of jumping shots? Everyone does it. It's kinda fun right? And maybe the whole appeal comes from the abnormality of having a still photo of yourself up in the air. I mean...check this shot out. I look like im at least ten feet in the air. I know I cant jump ten feet in the air. I am bottom heavy and fall to the ground fast. Anyway...this dress is a mix of polkas and a burnt orange. Adrienne did a fantastic job once again. What's better than polka dots? Polka dots in the air.


  1. Lynn you do look like you are ten feet in the air! That is impressive. Cute dress! Do they come in curvy lady sizes?

  2. I want to know is how you can jump so high and land in those heels? Gorgeous dress, as always!