Monday, July 11, 2011


As Amy and I sit in her Rutland Vermont apartment drinking BLLs and watching re runs of the bachelorette she asks me, "What are you making?"
"A Snood" I reply
"What's that?"- the Asian girl asks
I wrap the scarf around my next twice and say, "a snood. duh."
"Oh...that's a onesie"
"A onsie?"
"'s a onsie"
Amy is a freak and my best friend. I visited her in Vermont which was a perfect vacation/some quality best friend time. We went to a couple breweries and mountain biking by day. By night we relaxed with the pups and watched pretty bad television. It was so much fun! While relaxing in the evening and watching this bad television I worked on my snoods or "onsies". I made 5 in all and they are really really cute colors. I'm trying to stock up for winter so that I can sell them all at once! Who wants one!?!


  1. I wish everything in life had a "like button," this blog, any comment anyone makes, the "log" at work, etc etc...

  2. youre a freak, Amy Edelmonster