Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bad Hair Day

This past weekend the annoying ans destructive Irene graced us with her presnece. Luckily nothing too bad happened to my home or street in Red Bank but most of my family/friends in the area are STILL out of power. I also had to wake up at 4am today to get a super early train into the city because they were running all crapily. I always heard about the calm after the storm but I never really appreciated it until yesterday. Work at bloomies was canceled so Erin, Ashley, and I grabbed brunch in Asbury. Afterwords Erin and I walked around the boardwalk to see if there was much damage. Nothing looked too bad and it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day so we took some photos and walked around. We took an out of the way walk back to the car and ended up being laughed at for ten minutes by an old man who said we were having a bad hair day. Figures. Isn't Jersey the greatest?!


  1. so happy your ok. thanks for a great post. would love if you could stop by today and check out my new outfit post.


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  2. Thanks! Ill check out your post asap!