Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My etsy shop is up and running! Thanks to Pete once again you can link to it from my blog but just incase you cant this is it! I am super excited to start selling things! So far I've only sold 1 dress and 1 snood but hey, it's a start! These pics are one of the dresses that's for sale. Cute, right?! Alot of people have been putting this dress into their "favorites" or staring it as you can do on etsy, but not buying. I suggest you buy it! Thanks!

Laura took all these pictures on Sandy Hook at Fort Handcock. Fort Handcock is probably my favorite place in New Jersey(so far). It is on the tip on the hook and on a clear day you can see the Manhattan skyline perfectly. If youre ever in my great state of New Jersey, I'd check it out! And I'd also check at Laura's blog! Cheers!


  1. Congrats on opening the Etsy shop, so cool! I'll check it out right away!