Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Orr Girl

Elisabeth Orr is one of my greatest friends. She is always supportive of anything i venture into. She is also one of my two future roommates! Lucky for her she is a tad bit smaller than me. I made this dress on a wim. It's totally see through but when I saw fabric at Jo-Anns that I loved(which is rare), I had to buy it and try to work with it. I lined this fabric with the same fabric. I find out later that that's usually a no no and because of this no no the dress came out too small. What good came out of this? Well...not only did I learn my lesson but Liz got to have this dress AND not only did Liz get to have this dress but she rocked it. It really fits her perfectly and it's totally her style. She was a natural at the "shoot". Even ask the asians who were staring at us the whole time.