Sunday, August 14, 2011

With a little help from my friends...

This is my friend Pete. He is a really really good friend. In my tight knit group of girlfriends Pete is the only constant dude that hangs with us. He is the only one that can handle us. His nickname is reliable Pete. If I called him in five minutes and asked him if he wanted to drive to Florida I'm 99% sure he would. Among his great friendship he is also extremely talented. He builds things like bikes and ramps but he also builds websites! Thanks to Pete my blog is being glorified! He's helping me out sooo much and I am very greatful! If anyone needs someone to help them out designing websites or if anyone needs a good friend, email me and I will give you Pete's contact.
Another shout out goes to Laura Fordham. She has been taking photos of my stuff every chance we get and all that she wants from me is a beer. She is a great photographer and also a pretty great graphic designer. I am one lucky girl to have friends like these two!I hope everyone is enjoying the new look of the blog. I think it's pretty great!