Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank you Megan Nielson!

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featured indie designer: Lyndsay of Seams to Be
December 1st, 2011

Good morning friends! I’m really quite thrilled to introduce you to Decembers Featured Indie Designer – Lyndsay of Seams to Be! Remember my gorgeous new scarf from last week? It was lovingly created by Lyndsay. I really hope you enjoy learning more about her – she is incredibly sweet, and her store is full of wonderful warm goodies! I’m definitely a fan, and I know you will be too :)

Hello! My name is Lyndsay Senerchia and I am super excited to be featured on Megan Nielsen’s beautiful blog. When I first heard she was featuring independent designers I was beyond thrilled. You see, it’s hard for us indie designers to get our names out there, let alone be acknowledged for our creativity and hard work. My very new, small line (but growing!) is called, “Seams To Be…” Everything that I enjoy making contains seams so it simply “seamed” to fit!

As a young designer, I designed and produced head-bands and hats for friends fighting the weather in my home state of New Jersey. It was a great way to start nurturing my talent but to my surprise, my items became in demand! Orders were over flowing, so naturally, I decided to start an etsy shop. Those head bands and hats turned into scarves, “snoods”, which turned into mittens, which is currently turning into sweaters (we will see!). Over the summer I had no use for warm wools so I turned to my sewing machine for guidance. Lo and behold a new obsession. I love to sew! Pajama pants- a great first project- got me hooked. Soon enough, I was whipping up dresses in just a few hours.

Since I am not a master pattern maker (yet) I lean on simple basic patterns that I can adjust the Hell out of. And sew it began. I am mostly inspired by fashion made popular in the 1950s, 40s , 30s. Feminism also has a tendency to makes an appearance in my designs – even if it’s quite the contradiction (oops!)

As you can tell from my dresses, I am a sucker for high waists, dirndls, and a low back. Oh la la. I have always had an affinity for film noir – not to mention the femme fetal-which heavily inspired me to make dresses fit for real women. Beautiful, comfortable and strong.

My new designing journey, although grueling at times, has been nothing short of amazing. Hopefully with mentors, like Megan Nielsen, and a little community support, I will continue to evolve as a designer. Stay tuned for updates on both my blog and etsy.

Thank you so much to Lyndsay for taking time to chat to us all today! Please don’t forget to stop by her store!

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