Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Green Mountain State!

My best friend Amy lives in Vermont. Although I've been begging her since she moved there to move home I really do appreciate going up there to visit. I go every chance I can get even though my fingers are crossed the whole time that Rex, my car, will make it. We love going to all the breweries, hiking, down hill mountain biking(we did it once and it was the greatest/scariest thing I've ever done), snowboarding, and just being around nature. For New Years Eve we decided to ditch NYC and head up to the Green Mountain State.

One of the reasons why I love my friends is because they support Seams To Be. They buy my hand made items and actually wear it! There wasn't a moment that went by that one of them wasn't wearing a Seams To Be original! Some great broads if you ask me! Here are some pics from the trip. Can you spot the crocheted items?!

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