Monday, January 23, 2012

My Sister's Crafty Side!

My sister and I are pretty much night and day. She is a stay at home mom with two beautiful babies that keep her busy around the clock. Her taste for home goods is impeccable (definitely taking after our dad). While she’s usually praising me for my crafts and creativity I noticed a crafty side to her too! She made this awesome fire place insert that looks like you could purchase it in Pier 1 or should be featured in Better Homes. Here are some easy steps on how to do it yourself thanks to my sister, Emily!
Step 1: Buy or build 3 tier candle holding unit
Step 2: March into your back yard and find festive looking logs(pictured white birch)
Step 3: Purchase/make candles in various heights ranging from votive to tall pillars.
Step 4: Cut logs using saw to make stands for some of the candles to further vary the heights and add some cool texture to the piece
Step 5: Let the piece of log dry out. This may take several days. If displaying immediately you may have mold grow (ew!)…but it can easily be wiped away
Step 6: Randomly display candles on log pieces arranged on the tiered stand
Step 7: Viola! Sit back and enjoy your new beautiful fire place insert.

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