Friday, January 6, 2012

Turn Around

Today was the pits. I traveled into the city for an hour just to turn around and come home. I am late with two dress orders and a snood I head out to the yarn store which is an hour away and I get a flat tire. woomp woomp. They didnt even have my yarn! So I dragged Rex(my car) to Sears only for them to tell me I need new tires. All 4! First the $500 student loan payment this week and now this! Oy. It took alot to hold back a cry baby fb status(i hate when people do that) but I held it in! I was really looking forward to coming home and finishing my cookie dough iced cream in pjs while watching Felicity when I saw this lovely lady and it made me smile even more! It's so great when people wear my stuff especially when theyre as sweet as Keira. Thanks again to Keira! The hat looks wonderful on you!

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