Monday, February 6, 2012

Bat For Lashes

I am totally not so much of a make up girl. I mean...I wear make up. But I dont particularly like make up. It's annoying and expensive and confusing and I dont know how to apply it correctly. My eyeliner always seems to drip and my bronzer looks like's a mess. Recently I decided to venture into the world of mascara. Is it supposed to be this difficult to find something that doesnt make my eye lashes look like spider legs? I have tried a million! And by a million I mean 8 different mascaras. Some cheap some not. A make up artist at work one day made fun of my lashes and the next day a different artist gave me 4 of them to try. A found a winner! And she is revealed below!
1. MAKE UP FOR EVER- Smoky Lash ($22).....2. MAYBELLINE- The Falsies ($7.49).....3. BENEFIT- They're Real! ($22).....4. MARK.- Lash All You Want ($10).....5. COVERGIRL- Last Blast(fusion ($7.98?).....6. TARTE- Lights, Camera, Lashes ($19).....7. LOREAL- Voluminous ($6ishhh).....8. COVERGIRL- Lash Blast(orange) ($7.98ish) Well ladies...the winner is.....
THESE TWO! I'd say the mark. is better for a night out on the town(wink)...and the Cover Girl(fusion) is a more feathery natural look. Wooooo that was alot. Hope you enjoyed my first and possibly only make up post!

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