Monday, March 5, 2012

Amy's Moving Day?

My best friend Amy moved home last week! It was bitter-sweet for her but so great for me! These pictrues are from when I helped unload her Uhaul truck. We would unload for five minutes...and then rest for five minutes...and then repeat. I blame it on the 65 degree weather in February.
Oh. And I was going to label where my outfit is from but it's all from Anthro. Someone has a little shopping problem!


  1. Those dogs are the cutest thing! I haven't seen Amy in a century so I hope to see you both next time I'm in Jerz!

  2. Haha we definitely don't have the best attention spans. And we also did a terrible job just throwing the stuff all around. Oh well... thanks Ms Senerch, and Erin let me know when you're around!